Thursday, November 15, 2012

Your First Birthday: A Letter to Birdie

Dear Birdie,

I hope when you are older you will enjoy reading this blog. I have saved it, to be sure, in hard cover book form. You will find it in my treasure chest upstairs when you are ready to read it. Perhaps "blogging" will be obsolete by then... I can't take any chances!

Some may have thought I started this blog to share the virtues of motherhood, but alas, I know very little just on my own. I learn from what you and Peanut teach me. What you share with me are the greatest and best lessons.

Others may think I started this blog for myself, as a way to document my beautiful year with you, and that, I suppose is partly true, but, the real reason is that I did it for you. I want you to know that from the very moment you were nothing but a poppy seed inside of me to the strapping (haha) little boy you grew to be, I have always loved you.

As you will later read in Daddy's thesis/memoir, what we went through was not the easiest, but we would do it all over again if it meant we got to have you. Please don't ever forget how wanted and wished for you were.

Whatever you want to be is up to you... I dreamed you into this life and you now hold the power to dream a life for yourself.

No matter what anyone else tells you: never wear a hat in a restaurant or movie theater, always hold the door open for a woman, it is okay to cry, and there is no such thing as "take it like a man". Somehow, somewhere these simple life lessons and courtesies (and many more) have become lost and I want you to know that being a boy and turning into a man is something very special... You will have the power to do many things but you also have the ability to do them with manners, grace, and sensitivity.

Of course, your Godfathers are very special and meaningful to you as they are to me. They are your Uncles after all! But, also know that we chose who your GodMommy is for a reason. She is a very special person with incredible strength, wisdom, and wit. Please listen to what she has to say and follow her lead when it comes to faith. You will need something bigger than you to believe in.

Lastly and most importantly, if you stop and listen closely, you can hear the birds singing. I will never stop listening to you Birdie. I will never tire of your questions. I will always answer you when you call my name.

Only one year old and you get to write your own song... And what a sweet one it will be.



Author's note: Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts this year. I have been blessed beyond measure. This post, as was the same with Emmi when she turned one year, is my last. <3

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Sunday, November 4, 2012


This post is best told with few words and many photos:

The world is your oyster Birdie.

Back soon for a 1st Birthday post, which will be my last.