Friday, July 22, 2011


So, I failed the 1-hour glucose test. Not by much, mind you (147mg/dL when 140mg/dL is ideal). But, since the baby is measuring ahead, my OB wants to put me on the radar for GD now just to be safe so I go for "counseling" on Aug. 1 then back to, you guessed it, the high-risk OB for a a follow-up. Luckily, I was able to piggyback that appointment before the one for my gestational hypertension.

Oh, little one, you are making me work, but I still love you!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Houston... We Have a Due Date Change!

Today I had a check-up and did the dreaded test for Gestational Diabetes. I fasted for 12 hours then got to drink the famous glucose drink (fruit punch yum yum). After waiting an hour, 3 vials of blood were drawn and we will see how my body processes the sugar. My numbers come back in a week and if I fail (like last time), then I do the even more dreaded 3-hour test (which I passed). So, we shall see.

The baby's heartbeat was 150 BPM which was excellent. So, then my OB says to me, so I need to change your due date? Say what? He said based on 2.0's growth I am measuring ahead... 9 days ahead! So, now I am due November 20th!

So, will we have a Scorpio or another Sagittarius? Only time will tell...


20 Weeks... Vegas Style!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

19 Weeks- We have a Yoga Instructor!

Above shot shows a leg going up and over the head! Head to left, foot on top! Classic! Below shot shows 2.0 with his/her knees to his/her chest. :)

Top shot is a nice close-up of the profile. Bottom shot shows profile and arms and hands up. And before someone asks: that really is his/her arms and hands, NOT a penis LOL.

High-Risk Consult & Anatomic Survey Ultrasound

My appointment today with the high-risk doctor for my high blood pressure went well. She basically said that I do have a chronic problem but my range is (currently) not alarming to her, but it is something that needs to be closely monitored. She gave me a BP range that she'd like me to stay in, based on various factors, and right now I am well within that range so that is the good news. The "bad" news is that, a) there is nothing I can do about it (other than not be pregnant), and b) I need to go for ultrasounds/monitoring every 6 weeks, then every 4 weeks by the 3rd trimester, then every week in my last month. Each visit they will check for things such as blood flow, blood saturation levels, growth, etc.

The anatomic ultrasound was an hour of pure bliss mixed with mind-blowing images that sink one down firmly back to where one belongs. Nothing can EVER prepare you for seeing your 19 week unborn child's brain, kidneys, blood flow, spinal column, femur, stomach, etc. on a giant T.V. screen. The results were wonderful- everything appears to be 100% normal and healthy for this stage in the game!