Monday, July 18, 2011

Houston... We Have a Due Date Change!

Today I had a check-up and did the dreaded test for Gestational Diabetes. I fasted for 12 hours then got to drink the famous glucose drink (fruit punch yum yum). After waiting an hour, 3 vials of blood were drawn and we will see how my body processes the sugar. My numbers come back in a week and if I fail (like last time), then I do the even more dreaded 3-hour test (which I passed). So, we shall see.

The baby's heartbeat was 150 BPM which was excellent. So, then my OB says to me, so I need to change your due date? Say what? He said based on 2.0's growth I am measuring ahead... 9 days ahead! So, now I am due November 20th!

So, will we have a Scorpio or another Sagittarius? Only time will tell...


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