Monday, February 27, 2012

Things I Refuse to Believe

1. That you were waving to your Bunny and Daddy this week. That's right. Every time they stretched out their arms to wave bye, you mimicked them and waved right back.

2. That you are only 3 months old and already wearing mostly 9 month sized clothing.

3. That you grew 2 1/4 inches since your last check-up and now weigh 15 pounds, 4 oz.

4. That you no longer fit in your basinette and have been successfully transitioned to your crib downstairs (3.5 months earlier than Emmi I will add).

5. That next month you will be ready for rice cereal. 

What I do believe, is that no matter how fast and how furiously you are developing, growing, and thriving, these will always be this size to me.

February 2012

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