Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Logan? It's me. The Sea.

Today wasn't supposed to happen. Logan was going to see his God Mommy but the cleaners were coming to the place I was house sitting at and then we had a small appointment to go to. Then, we were supposed to just come home. On the way back, I turned to Joe and said the sea was calling Logan's name. Instantly we both new: Logan's first trip to the beach. This is the same beach that Emmi went to for the first time and I have wonderful photos and memories of taking her there (where ironically enough we had met up with Logan's God Mommy). As we got out of the car the wave (no pun intended) of sea salt air smacked us in the face- in a good way- and I was instantly happy we answered.

Ocean Grove- March 19, 2012

I looked down at Logan and he had this peaceful, serene and happy look on his face... a look that of course only the sea can bring. It was as if to say, "Thanks Momma for bringing me here. I needed it..."

And so did we.

Did I mention we bought beach passes here for this summer? Oh yeah we did!

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