Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Knew I Was Meant To

Since the day I have come home from the hospital with Logan, Joe (bless his heart) has gotten into the habit of slipping downstairs in the morning to feed the kids and begin getting them ready for the day. This affords me an extra 30-60 minutes of 'sleep-in' time. It may not sound like much, but when you are up at night nursing, changing diapers, and tending to a 2.5 year old that woke up from a sound sleep and has no clue where she is, those extra minutes have been heaven.

This morning, however, was different. Logan woke up a little later and as I fed him in the day's light, I realized I was, for once, wide awake. I gave Joe a pass this morning and went downstairs to start the day. After the morning stuff was done, I sat Logan on the floor and I plopped down beside him. I put out his favorite toy of late, and then he... crawled. Sure, it was more like a solider in a ditch kinda action or a worm sliding on dirt, but it was forward and it was intentional. 

I love how my kids wait to do their firsts in front of me. It's like they know. The gift of this morning was not lost on me and I knew I was meant to come down early today.

Thanks Birdie.

Captured the second time around.

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