Monday, November 21, 2011

My Happy Camper

So, it was back to my OB this morning. I see now why it pays not to work the closer one gets to her due date because all you are doing is sitting in doctor's offices! :) My tests from over the weekend were all negative... so no pre-eclampsia... which I knew, but needed to be confirmed.

My BP was ridiculously high again but that's because the word "induction" had been tossed around last Thursday. So, Joe and I left Emmi with her Avo, complete with typed instructions, a freezer meal, and a quilt for the couch in case we were going to be in it for the long haul. My BP did eventually come down and my Bishop's Score clearly indicated that an induction today would more than likely result in a failure to progress (aka probable c-section).

So, after a rather nonchalant stripping of membranes and instructions for bed rest for the BP, back home we went. I return to the high-risk Dr. on Wednesday for my last scheduled biophysical then back to my OB for another evaluation.

This pregnancy went so fast and I thank 2.0 for slowing it down for me with this rather laborious (pun intended) pre-delivery!

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