Saturday, July 7, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow I leave Birdie for almost 2 weeks. At this moment, I feel exhausted with preparations and giddy with excitement mixed with pangs that I will be away from him (and E) for so long. I have left E before, in fact, this time almost exactly last year for 4 nights for a conference. But, this time it's double the hearts away from my heart. Don't get me wrong, I am beyond happy to be going. The idea of maybe sleeping through the night for the first time since sometime in 2008 is a delightful thought and perhaps, I won't need to selfishly (and sheepishly) pretend I have to go to the bathroom just so I can close the door and eat a piece of chocolate that I don't wish to share with a 2.5 year old. Oddly, these are the same things that I am going to miss. I am looking forward to sharing my pictures and hopefully inspiring them to visit and travel one day too. Look where your Mama went. Look what she did. Look what she saw.

Yesterday Birdie and I took a walk along the lake. It was a beautiful day and there was It's almost like they knew we were coming and everyone vacated just to make our time even more special.

It worked.

This afternoon, I'm taking E for ice cream where she'll promise me she'll be good. Just like her brother did. And I know they will be, because they are always good.

See you soon... Mommy loves you. :)

Birdie's stash whilst I'm gone. 11 days away x 3 feedings a day= 33. I counted the bags today and guess how many I have? I am SO proud of this.

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