Friday, April 13, 2012

All Grows Up

Believe it or not, Logan is gaining some independence. At the ripe ol' age of 20 weeks, he has adjusted beautifully to eating solids and he doesn't need to nurse as often. He tries to take the spoon most often and feed himself. He also likes to play "by himself" more too. He looks at me sometimes as if to say, "No Mama, you don't need to hold onto me allll the time". So I oblige and Birdie is content to be placed on the floor so he can flip himself over repeatedly like a flapjack and maneuver himself into the latest buttintheairI'mtryingtocrawl move. Of course, he still needs me, after all, he is a baby. But, I am already realizing that in his own way, he is starting to grow up. It's what kids do (so I am told ;)) and every time I think about it, I am instantly transported back to a memorable quote from one of my favorite movies, Swingers (see clip). And yes, sometimes I feel like jumping on a table to announce his milestones (okay, but probably sans profanity). But, as a mother, there is nothing more that you could want for your child than to be confident and independent but know, that at any moment, they can still trade in their I Need My Mommy Now card. So, Logan, you may not be all grows up, but you are grows up to me.

And it's a beautiful thing to watch.

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