Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Taste of Things to Come

Eating. Seems so natural. So second nature. Some live to eat while others eat to live. Whatever the case may be, we all started somewhere. Our joys of biting into our favorite food all had humble beginnings. For many of us, it all started with our first taste of the real noms. No more liquid diet here folks. Logan's on the good stuff. Iron-fortified, breast-milk enriched, milled to perfection rice cereal. Once you've had a taste of the good eats any honorable foodie knows there is no going back. Rice cereal one day filet mignon with roquefort butter... lobster ravioli... mashed banana the next.

Perhaps I'm getting carried away.

But, as any Birdie would do, when food from the Mama Birdie is presented, you open your little Birdie mouth and let it in.

Needless to say he enjoyed every "bite".  Here's to a lifetime of good eats Logan!

First bite.


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